About RPA College™ Prep 

RPA College™ Prep is the premiere destination for high school graduates seeking an opportunity to further hone their skills athletically while enhancing their academic profile. RPA College™ Prep  was established as an independent for profit, privately owned post- secondary prep institution. Currently, in its third year of operation, RPA College™ Prep affords student-athletes an opportunity to develop a sense of awareness and self-worth, assistance in the acquisition of personal exploration, decision making and goal setting skills needed to facilitate their educational and athletic development as well as assistance in acquiring the necessary tools needed to successful matriculate college and the use of transferable life skills while challenging their minds for personal success. RPA College™ Prep serves as an astute vessel designed for student- athletes to obtain a rigorous preparation in a collegiate environment where they are:

-Expected to excel at a mastery level

​-Supported as they learn and train at the highest level

​-Transform into CAPABLE, COMPETENT and influential CRITICAL THINKERS

RPA College™ Prep prides itself on bridging the gap, giving student athletes an opportunity to obtain post high school experience,  as well as a chance to compete against some of the nation’s most talented and underrated athletes. RPA College™ Prep achieves all of the aforementioned goals at an affordable cost without jeopardizing the student- athletes NCAA initial eligibility. 

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