RPA Founder

Reggie Calhoun Jr.

     Reggie Calhoun, Founder & President of RPA College™ Prep, enters his third

year at the helm of the esteemed private post-secondary prep institution.

Understanding that to whom much is given, much is required, the

New Orleans native has dedicated his life to a career of service,

driven by a pursuit of purpose.


     Calhoun, a champion of uplift, perseverance, scholarship, and

servitude, is a 2012 graduate of Louisiana College, obtaining a degree

in Health Wellness and Fitness. While there, he excelled academically

and earned numerous athletic accolades as a 4-year letter-man in

football for the Wildcats. Expanding his reach and embracing his

commitment to service, Calhoun, the son of a retired U.S Army

Veteran, joined the family business and enlisted in the U.S. Armed

Forces. After dedicating a decade to executing the unique dual

mission of serving community and country in the Army National

Guard and Army Reserve, Calhoun transformed his passion into his

purpose with the birth of RPA College™ Prep.


     During his undergraduate matriculation, Calhoun, mentored and

worked with local youth spanning across numerous academic, athletic

and community platforms. Upon returning to the Dallas-Fort Worth

Metroplex, he channeled his desire to give back through various youth

organizations, lending his expertise in athletic training and knowledge

of navigating the physical, mental and emotional roller coaster of

being a “STUDENT-athlete.”


     Embracing his new mission in life, Calhoun, began advising aspiring

high school student-athletes on the athletic governing associations

and academic institutions processes for college athletics. His efforts

assisted many in finding their “FIT” in college thus selecting the right institutions and pathways. It was during this phase of his career,


     Calhoun, recognized a major void in a sector of student-athletes

desiring to be recruited or even being granted an opportunity to

attend college. Armed with this revelation, Calhoun created a

program aimed to develop the


     TOTAL student-athlete, whereas, each individual would be equipped with the necessary tools to EARN their “one shining moment!” The program encompasses one-on-one training, life skills, understanding the recruiting process, top-rated

competition and specialized skills-showcases, while giving them an

opportunity to stretch their intellectual growth in a curricular and co-

curricular environment.

     Calhoun’s unique academic journey comprised of: attending 4 high

schools in 4 years in 4 different states, being accepted into a 4-year

university however only enrolled for 1 month before joining the

military, later enrolling at a Junior College but unaware of the out-of-

state rules before finally enrolling at a Division III program designed

specifically for his academic and athletic needs, ultimately, it was his

perfect “FIT.” Although, his journey yielded many trials and tribulations, Calhoun uses his experiences to guide the next generation of student-athletes seeking to leave their legacy while living out their dreams. Life may have altered Calhoun’s route but it did not deter his path!

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