Welcome to The RPA Way

RPA College® is the future for high school graduates seeking an opportunity to further hone their skills athletically while enhancing their academic profile. RPA College® was established as an independent privately owned sports college. Currently, RPA College® affords students, and student-athletes an opportunity to develop a sense of awareness and self-worth, assistance in the acquisition of personal exploration, decision making and goal setting skills needed to facilitate their educational and athletic development as well as assistance in acquiring the necessary tools needed to successfully matriculate post high school, college and the use of transferable life skills while challenging their minds for personal success.

Founded in 2017,  RPA has been driven to provide pathways for aspiring athletes who may have fallen through the cracks of recruiting. That vision quickly grew to servicing multiple opportunities for athletes to receive education, trainings, hope, experience and mentorship. 

Welcome to The RPA Way.